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Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale
The Gorgeous Puppies by Love Standard Poodles
Their First Few Weeks by Love Standard Poodles

Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

For Sale - Cream Standard Poodle Pups

We have 4 gorgeous, home reared standard poodle pups to calm, loving, well behaved Mum and Dad poodles Sasha and Monty.

Sasha had her new pups on June 13th (I know it was an "accident"!)

There are 2 girls and 2 boys standard poodles - Now 3 weeks old - and they are just amazing.

All four are fit, healthy and, if they grow like their brothers and sisters from the first 2 litters, will grow into fine, handsome, big standard poodles - or Giant Poodles as the Americans call them.

In fact Bailey, who is now our daughters dog, is just over 26" at the shoulders and just bigger than both Sasha and Monty. If you come to see the pups you'll see her as our daughter has moved back home from uni.

We loved the first 2 litters and are loving these four amazing pups.

All four have grown into charming, healthy little pups with their own personalities and it has been a supreme pleasure watching them grow this far.

Our pups from previous litters have all gone to wonderful homes, and it's great to see the pictures as they grow.

We have made some amazing friends

We are in touch with all the new owners and it's been wonderful - seeing their latest pcitures.

One of the boys is already spoken for.  This will be Sasha's last litter - so if your're thinking of a new cream standard poodle then please read the information first - standard poodles are awesome, loving dogs but they do like human company and need exercise each day.

And if you still want one please email or phone me.

Thanks for looking


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